Encountering people every Saturday (except the first Saturday of the month) starting 10.00am at Broomhill Methodist Church.

(Meet in the prayer room on the lower level in the church to pray before going onto the streets).

In the Bible their are accounts of times when Jesus fed thousands of people with a few bits of bread and fish. He miraculously increased tiny amounts of food and gave it to huge crowds of people, who ate until they were full. But he got his disciples to dish out the food; Jesus likes to work in collaboration with his followers to bless and serve other people.

We want our city to be full of people who are full of life. In pursuance of this, we are making intensional moves to encounter people, especially the least, the lost and the lonely, and we are taking the Gospel message in word and in practice to them so that they may have a full life in Jesus.

Broomhill methodist church