Why we do things differently at Christmas

At Christmas, we tend to have a break for a week or two because many people take the opportunity to visit friends and family, especially our students, and so there are simply fewer people around.  This affects our ability to set up and set down the church. (We have teams of people who carry equipment from a storage room to the main hall each week, and back again.  We also have teams of people who lead worship, care for our children, prepare refreshments, and loads of other things).  With less people (especially less students who have loads of energy) making church happen becomes much more difficult for those who stay in Sheffield over Christmas. 

As time goes on, and we continue to grow, then running a church will become, in some ways, easier to manage, but for the time being, it’s simply healthy and better in the long-term if we take a break at Christmas. We are active pursuers of growth. We love to see a growing church because we want as many people as possible to come and be a church. So, by designing in periods of rest, we are ensuring our long-term health.