Campfire – Saturday 12th October, 5-9pm

The Oakes, Oakes Park, Sheffield S8 8BA

Each year we enjoy a campfire and a BBQ in the wonderful grounds of the Oakes.  It’s free and everyone is welcome.  Bring others – these things are best done with friends.

How to get to the Oakes by bus

4.15pm | No. 1 bus stop, Cumberland Street

The best way to get to the Oakes if you don’t have a car is by bus.  We’re meeting at 4.15pm outside the no. 1 bus stop on Cumberland Street (near Moor Market), head South, get off at Norton Lane (near Cloonmore Drive).  The buses run every 10 minutes and the journey takes about 20-25 minutes.

Then walk back along Norton Lane towards School Lane, through the massive iron gates, and take the track down the hill.  At the bottom, you will see another set of gates and a small wooden gate to the left.  Go through the wooden gate and follow the path.  The walk from the bus stop to here should take about 10 minutes.

How to get to the Oakes by car

The map below shows exactly where the Oakes and the entrance gates are located for if you are driving.

The Oakes House

The Oakes Entrance