During the Covid lockdown we’ve delivered to people’s houses over 500 meals. And every drop off we offer to pray with people.

We have a foodbank, but because we don’t own a property we operate out of Matt’s car and we deliver food to people’s doorsteps, which is great for people in isolation and for those who don’t have any form of transport. Here are a few responses and stories. 

One lady who recently received a foodbox from us said, “I’m really over the moon with your service and when things are back to normal I’ll be visiting to say thank you.” 

One guy said that with the money he saved through receiving a foodbag he was able to make a special rainbow cake with his kids; they were so delighted that they could make the cake that they sent a picture of the cake to us. 

When we give out a foodbags, we enclose an invitation for people to listen to our Sunday Service live-streams.  One lady lost the invitation, but wanted to listen so much that she asked for another one. 

Another guy has an eating disorder and so he didn’t want any food, but he has a dog and he asked for us to give him some dog food.  We said that would be fine and if he changed his mind about receiving food for himself, to give us a call before we left the house. About an hour later he called again and asked for some food.  That guy hadn’t eaten for four days. Subsequently, we’ve back and seen him again with more food.

Another guy has advertised us to all his mate and their mates. He is now our no.1 referrer of people. 

Another guy, has very specific dietary requirements, so we did a particular shop for him. He was so happy when he was saw Matt arriving in his car, he started shouting expletives from his window with joy. It was just his way of showing delight. 

We are constantly in need of more food. If you want to give food or a financial gift, please click below.

Healings during Covid


“My brother in law, a really healthy 71 year old who was diagnosed with cancer following a biopsy in March this year and needed major surgery. Not many operations were being done as the hospitals were largely full of patients ill and dying from the virus.

However, he went into hospital and had an operation lasting four hours. During this time my sister, who is not yet a believer, said that she has started praying. She said that she had started praying when I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was expected to die within weeks of diagnosis – that was some two years ago. Her husband’s health condition got her praying again.

Five days after the operation, on 20th April, (that’s 19 days ago) my brother in law was discharged. He is now taking his daily walk, observing social distancing.

At the same time as all this, my husband’s brother was also taken into hospital. He was already on a waiting list for a kidney transplant, but his condition worsened. He was also taken into hospital and was diagnosed with the Coronavirus and the doctors prepared him for the worst. They did not think he would survive the night.

However, he did survive even though by that point it was realised that the virus had affected his heart and he had an infection in one of the outside coverings of his heart.

My husband’s sister, who is not yet a believer, called last Thursday to say two things – (1) she been recently praying and she doesn’t normally do that, (2) their brother is recovering against all the odds.

Later that same day he collapsed and had a cardiac arrest and was resuscitated on the ward.  But again, he came round and continued to recover. The following Monday he was so well that he was discharged home.

We praise God. We’re so thankful for the amazingly quick healing of our family, and for the way my family have turned to God for help, even though they don’t yet believe in him.  I think this is story is yet yet to finish.”