Why we do things differently in August

Each year in August we change the way that we do things just for a month. In practice, this means that in August we don’t meet on a Sunday Morning. There are a few reasons for this:

People who run an active church, which is still in its formative years, need time to rest; otherwise, we can become exhausted. As time goes on, and we continue to grow, then running a church will become, in some ways, easier to manage, but for the time being, it’s simply healthy and better in the long-term if we take time each year to have a rest. Many people have a holiday in August; students return to their parents, parents with children have family holidays – and so there are simply fewer people around in August. We are active pursuers of growth. We love to see a growing church because we want as many people as possible to come and be a church. So, by designing in periods of rest, we are ensuring our long-term health.

Changing the way we do things in August also gives us time to reflect on what we’re doing. It’s easy to drift on auto-cruise and do what is familiar, but taking some time out and reflecting gives us the opportunity to investigate if we need to tweak things or alter our course. When we take time to reflect in August, we give ourselves a clear opportunity to put down what consumes our time and listen to God.

Lastly, having some time out give us an opportunity to recharge our spiritual batteries. If you have a battery powered machine that exhausts its power because it’s used a lot, then turn it off and give it a rest – it won’t work when you come to turn it back on again! Batteries don’t need just need rest, they need to be recharged.

For Sheffield Vineyard, August doesn’t mean the doors shut for a month and nothing happens. In years gone by we have met each week during August for BBQ’s, trips to the beach, and walks in the peaks; we’ve done geocaching and weaselling and plenty of informal meals together amongst friends old and new.

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