The story so far

Sheffield Vineyard was started by Alex and Karen Griffin and their two boys in 2012. The first year involved meeting as many people as possible; we had neighbourhood parties, BBQ’s, parties in the park, and we cooked meals for over 1600 people. We soon started our first Lifegroup and when that grew so big that we couldn’t fit into our lounge we started an additional group; and then another. In 2013 we met at a music room at Birkdale School on Sundays, but we quickly out grew the room and moved to Heeley Hall, which is our current Sunday venue.

Planting a church is always going to be, in part, an act of faith; there is always some degree of ‘I hope this is God and not me!’   It was a great comfort therefore for us Griffins when soon after we arrived at Sheffield we noticed four stone pillars near Primark, right in the middle of the commercial district of Sheffield.  On top of each pillar was a stone Griffin.  When we saw those pillars for the first time we felt God say, ‘I’ve brought you here, all four of you, to start a church, and my decision is set in stone’.

We firmly belief that Sheffield Vineyard is not our idea, it’s been called by God into being.  It’s His idea and it’s Him who is working through everyone at Sheffield Vineyard to build His Kingdom in our City.