Sunday 30th September | 1.00 – 4.00pm | 80 Brincliffe Edge Road, S11 9BW

If you’re a student and new to Sheffield then we’d love to invite you to our one or all of our BBQs.  Meet up with friends, some students who have been around for a few years, and a couple of our church leaders, for a relaxed and fun meal together.

The BBQ will be on Sunday 30th September, from 1.00 – 4.00pm at Alex and Karen’s house (80 Brincliffe Edge Road, S11 9BW – near Chelsea Park).  The map below shows you the location.


Griffin house

If you first come along to our Sunday Services at 10.30am then we can take you to the BBQ afterwards – it’s a 20 minute walk. We also have a Fresher’s Lunch and 2 other BBQ’s to welcome new students during September and October; you can come along to all or any one of them.

Everything is free.