Groups that give life

Central to the Vineyard family here in Sheffield is a passion for our city to be full of people who of full of life in Jesus. In pursuance of this passion, our Lifegroups serve to enable groups of people to have an active and healthy relationship with Jesus and each other. They provide a safe environment where we can help each other to grow in our faith and walk through life together.

Our Lifegroups are essential to our emphasis of helping and supporting each other, leaning into the biblical model of communities of believers being there for one another in times of need and sorrow, but also in times of celebration. We want our Lifegroups to be a place of connection, where people can develop healthy relationships and provide opportunities to care for one another. We want our Lifegroups to be places where we can share our day-to-day lives with Jesus at the centre.

Jesus invites, gathers, accepts, embraces and welcomes everyone. We are rising to the challenge of being known as a church family by the way we love, serve, help and respect one another. This means we are always looking for ways to serve and welcome other people, making room at our table for those that are new and for those looking for a deeper sense of community.

Our Lifegroups enable people to become more like Jesus and proclaim the Christian Gospel, in word and practice, especially with the lost, the least and the lonely, such that our city becomes a place that is full of people who are full of life.

Our year comprises three terms; during each term, we run a series of Lifegroups. Each term lasts between 8-10 weeks, depending on the time of year. Before each term starts there is a sign-up period of four weeks. The Lifegroups are normally capped to 8-12 people (although some have no number limit) who meet weekly each term.

We have sign-up periods (denoted by blue above) You can sign up to a Lifegroup during these times by pressing a button below (only visible during sign-up periods).