Lifegroups are designed to enable small groups of people to have an active and healthy relationship with Jesus and each other. They provide a safe environment where we can help each other to grow in our faith and walk through life together. Important to Lifegroups are good food and drink (most groups start with a meal), learning from the Bible, praying for one another, and worshipping God.

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Lydgate Lifegroup

Karen and John

Weekly – Tuesdays 7.00-9.30pm

Fullwood Lifegroup

Rog and Jane

Weekly – Wednesdays 7.00-9.30pm

Walkley Lifegroup

Callum and Ellie

Weekly – Wednesdays 7.00-9.30pm

Blaze Lifegroup

Richard Chapman

Weekly – Thursday, 7.00-9.00pm

Crookesmoor Group

Hannah and Jonathan

Weekly – Wednesday 7.00-9.30pm

Crookes Lifegroup

Chris, Lydia and Ben

Weekly – Wednesday 7.00-9.30pm

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