Continuing to be church, whilst changing the way we do church

Our response to the Coronavirus


  • We are restarting some physical gatherings.

  • We are having an on-line Sunday Evening Reflection.

  • We are resourcing our Lifegroups to enable them to thrive.

  • We are embarking on new ways to serve those around us, especially the isolated, the lonely, the poor and the lost; we want to ensure that we are spreading only kindness.

Further information

We want to inform you about changes that are happening at Sheffield Vineyard and how we are adapting to a new way of life.  We want to emerge from this time as a stronger family and respond well to the challenges that face us as a church family.  We want to continue to connect and serve those around us, especially the isolated, the lonely, the poor and the lost, without spreading the Coronavirus.

Advice from the Government has led us (Alex, Karen, the General Leadership Team, and the Trustees of the church) to make the very difficult decision to not physically gather as a church inside a building until such a time as it is safe and wise to do so. Specifically, we want to inform you of the following changes:

Sunday Services

We’re not meeting at Heeley Hall for Sunday Services; instead, we will have Sunday Morning Services in the gardens outside, and online Reflections on Sunday Evening.


We are having a collection of in-person and online Lifegroups. We are currently preparing resources to enable Lifegroups to stay connected. 


We want to continue to provide a foodbank service.  We will need to introduce systems to source, handle and deliver food in a safe way, but as long as we can do this, we will. Again, we will provide more information on this soon.


We’re not yet running Encounter; instead, we’re focusing on serving our communities in other practical ways unless it becomes unsafe, unwise or we are not permitted to do so.

Prayer gatherings

We’re planning to restart our weekly prayer gatherings in September.

A talk by John Wright (National Director Vineyard UK&I)

In response to our current situation, John Wright delivered a talk to Trent Vineyard. You can see that talk by clicking the image/button below. With the rapidly unfolding situation, some of the information is already out of date; nevertheless, John shares numerous opportunities that present themselves to us at this time.