On the vision and virtues page of the website, you will find 5 virtues – these are more than things we value, they are things that define who we are and who we want to be.

This talk is about one of our virtues – we are  … an athentic family. So this talk seeks to explain what an authentic family is, and more importantly how we can get even better at being an authentic family.

The church family is a bunch of people who enjoy the presence of God together and who are united by a common attraction to Jesus and his gospel message. Our authenticity comes when we recognise that we are all messed up in a variety of ways, and that therefore we need to be good at forgiving one another, supporting one another and encouraging one another. And as a family we are always looking to expand; to share the joy of knowing God with others, and we have a particular heart for the lost, the least and the lonely.

It’s inevitable that many people who try out church are lonely and searching for a family because we’ve all been designed to be in relationship with God and each other. Being an authentic family, therefore, is central to our mission to reach out to the lost and lonely.