Alex notes that what we see in the life of Christ, in the ascension of Christ and in the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost is one thing – the enactment of God’s mercy plan.  We see that Jesus came to save and restore the world and God is continuing to restore the world today by involving us; we are not merely recipients of God’s mercy, we are participants of God’s mercy plan.  Jesus came to teach and demonstrate what we should do, then he left and the power that had been given to Him by His Father has now been passed onto us through the Holy Spirit so that we may continue to make disciples of Jesus, which is identified in baptism and in obedience to Jesus’ teachings.

During the talk, Alex mentions another talk he gave a few years ago, also on Pentecost, but which covers in more detail the parallels between the story of the Israelites moving from captivity under Pharoah into freedom and the death and resurrection of Jesus followed by the coming of the Holy Spirit.  You can hear that talk here.